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Not Your Average Holiday BBQ

Diners at the Iberostar Hotel in Tunisia select their own cut to be cooked by the chef.

[I have no information on the circumstances of this catch, if it was accidental or targeted etc. It appears to be a thresher shark which are considered a vulnerable species* by the ICUN, but hey if it’s dead already may as well eat it? (Representatives for the hotel have since stated it was a one-off event, now never to be repeated). Hopefully it was at least a learning experience for those who tried a piece, forcing them to have a conversation they may never have considered about sharks.]

*A vulnerable species is one which has been categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as likely to become endangered unless the circumstances threatening its survival and reproduction improve. So, pretty much every commercial catch ever.

Source: ScubaNews

This marlin bit off more than it could chew off the coast of Angola. This is the floating load hose on the FPSO Girassol; the marlin caused the loading operation to shut down for a few days while the hose was replaced. The loading hose is approximately 24″ in diameter and the terminal produces about 250k barrels of oil a day.

Ever tried cutting through a car tyre? Try to imagine the immense turn of speed this fish had to work up in order to bury itself up to the hilt in material may times a tyre’s density and thickness! Sadly the marlin was not able to be released alive as it was too firmly lodged in place. The marlin was cut from its bill, which was still not able to be dislodged, and the entire section of hose was removed.

Source: Snopes

“This moray eel was resting among some hard coral and was mesmerized by my dive lights, making it a very cooperative subject. The moray eel rhythmically opens and closes its mouth to move water through its gills and facilitate respiration, giving it the appearance of being aggressive and making for a dramatic portrait.” — Nature’s Best photographer, Steven Kovacs

Source: Ocean Views 2011 Competition (Smithsonian)


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