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Dark Side Of the Turtle

A sea turtle provides a modicum of shelter for baitfish attempting to evade the eyes of hungry sailfish.


Congratulations, you can now differentiate between a baby sailfish (top) and a baby marlin (bottom)!

Source: iFISH

Rush Hour

Photo by C. Hamilton for the Cairns Underwater Film Festival

Source: Queensland Blog

This picture blew my mind a little when I first saw it a few years ago. I’ve never been very good at visualising weights but with the guy in the photo for reference the sheer size some tuna can reach was seriously brought home to me! If I remember correctly these fish were caught off ?New England with the larger of the two (I think its a Bluefin) weighing in at around 500lb.
Check out the groove down its side- the pectoral fins recess along it and lie completely flat to the body for ultimate streamlining.


Look at the size of those operculums! LOOK AT THEM! Those gills have to be massive to keep a fish that big adequately powered at high speed.

Source: unknown (I’m pretty sure I got these pics from some fishing forum. If anyone has the full story on them please let me know!)

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