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“This photo was taken the first evening of six that I spent at South Georgia Island. It captures a group of penguins on their way to the ocean to feed. As they approached, I knelt down, set the camera low to the ground, and waited for them to reach the spot I envisioned. King penguins are usually depicted as fairly placid, elegant creatures. This image presents a dynamic gang, seemingly with a leader, moving with a purpose. One can even see the articulation of their muscles. The cloudy mountains in the background enhance the sense of drama.” — Nature’s Best Photographer, Steve Gould

This picture is just begging to be photoshopped  Michael Bay-style, with a ‘Cool guys don’t look at explosions’ caption!

Source: Ocean Views 2012 Competition (Smithsonian)

The southern elephant seal is a truly restrained behemoth. Males can grow to be five times larger than females, up to 5,000 pounds. This elephant seal may look fierce, but he was simply yawning over and over in the wave-wash. This allowed me to try multiple ways of getting this impressive pose, including lying down in the water without disturbing him.” — Nature’s Best Photographer, Justin Hofman

I love this picture- the seal looks like he’s giving the photographer a jolly ‘Oh, you!’ kind of look.

Source: Ocean Views 2012 Competition (Smithsonian)

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